Char Broiled Shish Kabobs are ‘In’

Shish Kabob has always been a popular and versatile dish, celebrated by various cultures for centuries. The EmberGlo Shish Kabob Gas Char-Broiler is incredibly versatile in cooking almost anything that can be placed on a skewer. Its uses are only limited to your imagination.

Shish Kabob Gas Broiler - Model 25F
Available in Floor and Counter Top Models
26″ W x 18.25″ D, Natural or Propane Gas, 40,000BTU
Set of 10 Skewers included


Shish Kabob Gas Broiler - Model 31F
Available in Floor and Counter Top Models
36″ W x 27″ D, Natural or Propane Gas, 65,000BTU
Set of 10 Skewers included

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EmberGlo now offers a professional grade Shish Kabob Gas Char-Broiler - The grill top is designed especially for broiling Shish Kabobs. The ten skewers that are included with the broiler can accommodate large pieces of meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood or veggies. Char broiled foods retain their delicious natural flavors, juices and have that great outdoor char-broiled taste.

To increase prep time efficiency purchase extra sets of skewers
Skewer Sets of 10, 50 & 100
Skewer length for Model 31 - 24″
Skewer length for Model 25 - 20.5″
  Lightweight Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Easy Removal for Vacuum Cleaning of Hearth
120 Volt Electrical Motor
30" Quality Stainless Steel Skewers
All Rolled into One Great Product!
Model # 2060100
NOTE: only for use with the EmberGlo Gas Char Broiler Model #31

Specialized Features

  • All Ceramic Broiling Hearth
  • Flame control with our unique patented FLARETROL® System
  • Reaches temperature of 1600°
  • Zero recovery time
  • Self cleaning hearth
  • Outdoor Flavor indoors
  • Natural or Propane Gas
  • Open or closed front


Grill Size Maximum
Flaretrol© Shipping
When ordering - Specify Open or Closed Front / Natural or Propane
25C 26"W x 181/4"D x 17 9/16"H 15 5/8"x 21 3/8" 40,000 120V, 60C,1.5 amp max. 25C — 173 lbs.
25F 26"W x 181/4"D x 39"H (max.) 25F — 230 lbs.
31C 357/8"W x 225/8"D x 19 9/16"H 20"x 30 3/4" 65,000 120V, 60C,1.5 amp max. 31C — 320 lbs.
31F 357/8"W x 225/8"D x 41"H (max.) 31F — 400 lbs.

All floor and counter models are identical except for the addition of floorstand on "F" models. Specify natural or propane gas.