Open Hearth
Gas Char Broiler Overview

"EmberGlo's Fire Breathing Legend"

Model 25F

EmberGlo's eye-catching glowing hearth will reach a temperature of 1600° searing your meats yet preserving their natural flavor. Only EmberGlo® Gas Char Broilers feature the special inshot gas burners that supply broiling heat to a durable, completely ceramic hearth. The Barbriq® transmit searing radiant heat to the meat utilizing its natural juices and creating more natural fuel. Burner jets are located along the sides, in the recessed hearth, instead of below it. This design prevents the jets from becoming clogged with dripping grease or food particles, cleaning the burner unit with exceptional temperature control. Open Hearth Gas Broilers feature EmberGlo’s exclusive Flaretrol® system—the most effective means of flame control for open hearth broiling. When grease starts to flare up, simply flip the Flaretrol® switch and a steady stream of air brings the flames under control. EmberGlo's Open Heath Broilers give that great outdoor flavor with indoor convenience.

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Test Drive an EmberGlo Char-Broiler
Taste for yourself the Great OUTDOOR Flavor with an EmberGlo Broiler!

Char Broiling in Action

“The World’s Greatest Char-Broiler” as seen on TV.  

Control Flame Flareups - Only on an EmberGlo Broiler,
Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of Chicago’s own manufacturer, EmberGlo.
Meet the visionaries and watch a broiler in action.
Watch “Flaretrol” in action - taming the Flames.
See char-broiling at its finest with steaks, sausages and veggies.
You can almost taste that great ‘Outdoor Flavor’!

FLARETROL® is the most effective means of flame control for open hearth broiling

Grill Brush
Seafood Veggie Grate
(See table below for Broiler Models)

Kabob Skewers
(See table below for Broiler Models)
Kabob Converter Kit
Convert you existing EmberGlo Char Broiler
to a Shish Broiler
(See table below for Broiler Models)


Accessories for Open Hearth

Item Description Part
For Use With... Dimensions Shipping
Seafood Veggie Grate FG-1 2070702  Broiler Gas # 25   14 3/4" x 9 1/8" 4 1/2 lb
Seafood Veggie Grate FG-2 2070700   Broiler Gas # 31   14 3/4" x 9 1/8" 4 1/2 lb
Seafood Veggie Grate FG-3 2070701   Broiler Gas # 41   12 3/4" x 14 3/4" 5 lb
Gas Broiler Grill Brush - BK-5 1420-39  Broiler Gas all models   30 1/2"L x 7 1/2"W 3 lb
Kabob Rotisserie 2060100 Broiler Gas #31 only 31" W X 30 3/4"D x 3"H 25 lb.
Kabob Skewers 4508-68  Broiler Gas # 25 & 25W 201/2" 3.5 lb.
Kabob Skewers 4508-69  Broiler Gas # 31   24" 3 lb.
Kabob Converter Kit 4508-51  Broiler Gas # 25     10 lb.
Kabob Converter Kit 4508-52  Broiler Gas # 31 & 41     10.5 lb
Gas Broiler Work Ledges    Broiler Gas #25, 31 & 41      


Specialized Features

  • All Ceramic Broiling Hearth
  • Flame control with our unique patented FLARETROL® System
  • Reaches temperature of 1800°
  • Zero recovery time
  • Self cleaning hearth
  • Outdoor Flavor indoors
  • Natural or Propane Gas

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Model 41F
Model 31C
Model 25C


Grill Size Maximum
Flaretrol© Shipping
When ordering - Specify Open or Closed Front / Natural or Propane
25C 26"W x 181/4"D x 17 9/16"H 15 5/8"x 21 3/8" 40,000 120V, 60C,1.5 amp max. 25C — 173 lbs.
25F 26"W x 181/4"D x 39"H (max.) 25F — 230 lbs.
25WC 357/8"W x 18"D x 19"H (max.) 30 3/4" x 15 5/8"     25WC — 260 lbs.
31C 357/8"W x 225/8"D x 19 9/16"H 20"x 30 3/4" 65,000 120V, 60C,1.5 amp max. 31C — 320 lbs.
31F 357/8"W x 225/8"D x 41"H (max.) 31F — 400 lbs.
41C 357/8"W x 311/8"D x 19 9/16"H 281/2";x 30 3/4" 85,000 120V, 60C,1.5 amp max. 41C — 420 lbs.
41F 357/8"W x 311/8"D x 41"H (max.) 41F — 484 lbs.

Specify natural or propane gas.